Invitation to Fall Women's Group:

The Four Shields of Giving and Receiving 

Would you like to get together with an intimate group of other women and work with a powerful map for guiding us through these turbulent times? In this fall group for women, we will be working with the Four Directions Teachings, which support us to remember our wholeness and to come into balance. Our focus of inquiry will be on giving and receiving, and how we can support that natural flow in our lives right now, receiving what we need and giving what we have to share. 

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How do we come into right relationship with ourselves, with nature and the world we live in? 

What does it feel like to trust life and to live in a natural flow of giving and receiving?

How do we take care of ourselves in ways that serve the whole? 

How do we learn to listen to and trust our inner voice guiding us forward into new possibilities?

In this group we will explore the Four Shields of Giving and Receiving, drawing on the teachings on the four directions, or medicine wheel, which I have learnt from my teacher Meredith Little. Each of the four directions - South, West, North and East - holds specific medicine for us that we can receive more easily when we know what it is. They also teach us about the gifts we have to give, to ourselves and others. Working with the medicine wheel supports us to come into balance and wholeness, and to trust life´s natural cycles.

My intention with this group is that we experience more deeply the richness and abundance that life offers, and the guidance and intelligence we can always tap into. Another intention is to discover more of who we are, what we need and what we have to give. We will cultivate our capacity to listen, trusting our own inner knowing and ability to access wisdom and guidance directly from nature. In sharing our discoveries with each other when we gather, we experience the importance and power of expressing ourselves authentically and we practice giving. 

The Four Shields teachings offer a map we can return to again and again, to understand where we are in our own cycle of growth and becoming, and therefore what we need, to support ourselves in this moment. We will use these teachings to practice opening to the flow of life, in ways that bring nourishment, beauty and joy - to ourselves and to those around us.


We will gather five times on Zoom, an online platform where we can see each other on video. The meetings will happen ca. every other week, from mid-September to the end of October. In between our gatherings I will guide you to go out into nature to explore the particular teachings of the different shields, and how they relate to your life and what´s current for you right now. You will also receive emails in between our meetings with questions for deepening our exploration. 

Suggested times for meeting are: 

Thursday September 12, 16-18 CET (10-12 AM ET, 7-9 AM PT)

Thursday September 26, 16-18 CET

Thursday October 10, 16-18 CET

Thursday October 24, 16-18 CET

Thursday October 31, 16-18 CET

If you want to join but the times don't work, please let me know.

The price is sliding scale between 3700-4900 NOK (400-550 USD). After you sign up I will send you an account number where you can pay the amount you wish, and you will receive an invoice as confirmation/receipt afterwards.

Are you in? 

If you want to join, let me know by sending me a message through my contact page by midnight Monday September 9th. Please note that spaces are limited and registration is on a first come, first serve basis. If you have any questions please let me know. You can also read more here about my women´s groups.

If this resonates and you are in, I am looking forward to sharing this exploration with you. I am excited and curious to see what will emerge and what gifts we will receive and share.

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