Miriam Sandbaek






“The coaching has given me the groundedness and vision to take on new challenges with joy and confidence. Working with Miriam is deeply empowering.” – Cindy Horst; Research Professor, Refugee and Migration Studies, Research Director, Peace Research Institute Oslo


I don’t think words can truly honour what an amazing journey working with Miriam has been. You don’t necessarily see it at first, but each session lays the foundation for personal growth and reconnection to happen, slowly and powerfully over the weeks. And when it does, it is wonderful to witness all the path that has been travelled. Working with Miriam has been delightful and enlightening, and I am so grateful to have chosen to follow that voice inside of me telling me to invest in myself. This is what sessions with Miriam are all about : learning to listen to and trust what has been inside of you all along. Thank you Miriam.” - Sophie Zermatten, World Traveler and Author, Switzerland 

"I received coaching from Miriam Latif Sandbaek during a challenging period, both personally and work-wise. The coaching helped me through my challenges because I got to know myself better and through the use of concrete tools that Miriam gave me. This enabled me to focus on what is important, without having to compromise myself. I experience Miriam as a warm, structured and skilled coach who is always well prepared and very present with me. In getting to know myself better, the coaching from Miriam has brought me closer to the person I want to be." - Ingvild Søderlind, Film Director, Oslo

The coaching with Miriam has been one of the most constructive activities I have undertaken. I experience its tangible benefits in all aspects of life. Miriam’s coaching has helped me tap into my emotions and inner resources, which has supported important decisions, conversations, relationships and activities, including those with the people that matter most to me. I can feel fluidity in my work and thinking and I can fully enjoy the time with myself and with my work. Likewise I can bring this fluidity and fresh perspective to my inner circle so that we are all benefiting from the coaching. I cannot thank and congratulate Miriam enough for her professionalism, generosity, commitment to listening, courage and creativity. I highly recommend Miriam’s coaching.” - Diana Arbeláez, PhD student, University of Queensland, Australia 

Every session I have with Miriam, I start getting butterflies just before it. It’s because my body already knows that something exciting is about to happen. I will feel vulnerable and exposed, seen and felt, strong and capable… sometimes all at once. The way Miriam holds you as her client is truly unique and it makes coaching with her a deep and intimate experience; it’s like taking a warm bath in a water of your values, hopes and aspirations after which you are ready to face your day with courage and deep connection to what really matters to you. Being coached by this woman is the best gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones.” - Nada M. Personal and Professional Development Coach, Amsterdam

The presence Miriam brought to our work was really unique. She asked the right questions and guided me through exercises which helped me reconnect with myself again. This made me realize what is important and necessary for me in order to live more in line with my heart. I am so grateful for this journey; a process which has given me the new understanding that everything really is possible. Miriam is pleasant, open and warm and she has the tools to help you achieve change in your life“. – S.H.P., Project Leader, Red Cross, Oslo


“Wow. What an amazing session. You’re a truly gifted coach and guide for the inner realms. I’ve worked with many brilliant coaches and mentors over the years and none has taken me so deeply so quickly to create such a powerful breakthrough. You surely and sensitively guided me into the labyrinth of feelings, beliefs and old stories that were in my way. Your brilliant questioning and spot-on intuitive guidance enabled me to have a huge breakthrough in just one session. I felt that you really saw me, who I am and the value of the work and gifts I long to share with the world. I feel catalysed, energised and awakened to the potential of the life I was born to live. And thank you for keeping me accountable so that I keep taking the next steps! I need that too.”– Rionach Aiken, Founder of Poetry Alchemy, United Kingdom 

”Miriam has been my coach for around one year. When we started working together, I was insecure on how to proceed with my career, if I should leave my job or not and what my values, goals and aspirations were. In the course of the coaching, Miriam has been the best support I could get to find these answers inside me, where they had actually been the whole time! She helped me deal with the core of the problems, and while talking mainly about work we explored much more than just that – because we tapped into existential questions. Letting go of fear and self-imposed limitations gave me energy and tools to make the right choices in my professional and personal life. I could have done none of that without Miriam’s support. I highly recommend working with her.” – Alberto T., Climate Change Expert, Berlin


“Every single session with Miriam was nothing short of magical. I would wake up early in the morning for our transatlantic call … and then we would talk and it was like this whole light would open up. Miriam’s reflections were delicious and I loved the intuitive connection that we shared. It was fun, deeply insightful, and felt like we were tapping together into these mythical undercurrents. By the end of the sessions, I had finished a first full draft of a musical I had been blocked on for quite some time. I´m really glad I signed up for this. Miriam’s warmth, wisdom, and empathy is something I will not forget”. – Antonia, United Nations, New York City


“Working with Miriam has been a life altering experience. I do not exaggerate when I say Miriam helped to connect me to a profound inner-joy. The effect of the work we have done together has not only bolstered my self-confidence and focus in all areas of life, but also facilitated healing in areas of misunderstanding and pain. Our work together has resulted in my professional and personal path becoming so much clearer, and in learning to trust my intuition. All of this has energized my academic writing and, most importantly, emboldened me to inhabit my dreams in the present.” – Christine K., Graduate Student, Toronto and Berkeley


“I am happy that I took on this challenge to look into myself. Maybe the biggest learning has been that I myself am not an obstacle, but rather a resource for myself – that I have these different resources, values, and strengths that I can draw on, that they are within me, and around me, that I am not alone on this journey. This learning helped me very much in thinking about how to be and how to act and how to move forward. I have realised what my values are – and that I live by most of them. I know myself better and accept myself more. Thank you Miriam for recognizing my richness as a person, for listening to me, and for sharing with me the different perspectives and tools on how to be closer to myself, how to discover myself. I am using the things that we discussed and that you have taught me a lot.”– Katarzyna Grabska, Senior Research Fellow, Global Migration Centre, Genève and Khartoum


“Time with Miriam gave me space to stop and reflect on what I want to do the most. My life rushes by and offers a lot of exciting things, but what I needed was breathing space for deep and honest conversations. Miriam has an amazing ability to meet me where I am. She made me feel that the whole conversation is mine, everything she brings into the conversation builds me up, everything she offers me makes my goal clearer. Our conversations have changed how I see myself in what I do. Now I stand on firm ground and I can tell you exactly what I want from life ” – Anne W., avant garde architect, Oslo


“Working with Miriam has been very inspiring for me! I have always considered myself a relatively reflected person and good at keeping things in perspective.  Still, after only a few sessions, we uncovered habits and deeply ingrained patterns that I didn’t even know I had.  This has helped me tremendously, both in my work and personal life.  I have gained many new perspectives and I most warmly recommend working with Miriam!” – C.A. Trolin, Sound Engineer, Oslo


“The coaching I received from Miriam was in relation to my starting my own business as a sole proprietor. The tools she offered me are useful to me now, several months after I have been done with my sessions. In addition, Miriam was able to tap into my creative resources, so that my experience of her approaches was a perfect personal fit. That takes alert attention from a coach! I was able to sort out a business profile from the different layers of ambition and beginners confusion.”  – Susan Guerra; Artist and Community Developer, Hemnes, Norway


“Through my meeting with Miriam, I truly changed. From spinning around into being around. From fearing into loving. From being harsh with myself into caring about myself. From being ashamed of my choices into being curious about the diversity I hold within me. Miriam´s gentle, humble and genuine interest in me enabled me to leave each and every session with acknowledgments about my ways of seeing and doing that I had never received before. Through her wise approach, Miriam helped me sort out and re-unite my mind, body and soul – a unity that is much more joyful and free than I remembered. After completing our work together, I am able to cultivate the change further. I owe an immense gratitude to Miriam, and truly believe that she is making the world a better place.” – Helene, Senior Advisor, Oslo


“The coaching with Miriam has helped me slow down in a busy life, steering me in the direction I actually wanted to go. Miriam is good at asking questions that open new horizons for me, and she is interested in me as a whole person. I have become more aware of what values are important to me, and the coaching sessions have worked as a laboratory for exploring which direction I want to take in my life. I now feel that I’ve found that direction.”– Johanne Sæther Houge, Political Advisor, International Climate Negotiations, Friends of the Earth Norway and Rainforest Foundation, Oslo


“Working with Miriam has been a transformative process. My identity has been strengthened, it has become rock solid. Working with challenges in my life has made me more harmonious and has given me stronger faith in my life´s work – my job as a teacher. Miriam is very present, wise, easy to trust and a very good listener. I feel she has been very loyal to me and my project, and has challenged me in a respectful way almost without my noticing it. A friend of mine commented that I seem more relaxed about my own background than I have before. And at work I notice big changes. I am not afraid or insecure in the way I used to, I don´t put things off. Things I want to do, I just do them. I am more myself, I´m connected to my strength, and I feel freer and more relaxed. I feel this comes from the work I have done with Miriam. She has helped me build a new core pattern.” – Inge Rykkje; Sociologist and teacher, Stavanger, Norway


“For one year, Miriam has been a major support for me. The journey she has guided me through has been enormously important for me and for my life. A year ago I was in the middle of a breakup, burned out in my job as a psychologist, and worried about the future. I had lost sight of my strengths, was extremely self-critical, and had very little faith in myself in most areas. Today I am in a better place than I have ever been. The sessions with Miriam helped me to gradually become aware of my strengths, to listen to myself, and to dare taking myself seriously. I find that Miriam really listens to me. She asks questions that get me to reflect in new ways. She guides me through experiential exercises that help me learn both through my body, my emotions and cognitively. I feel a deep gratitude that I got Miriam into my life as a coach and support when I needed it most. I most warmly recommend working with her.” – S.T.; Psychologist, Tromsø, Norway


“Having Miriam as a coach was like having a mirror that showed me clearly the little, important details about myself that I have not been aware of. These little details are actually not so little when I realize how much they have impacted my daily life – in work, in my love life, in my personal relationships. Each of these little details used to sabotage my daily life in ways that were so subtle and invisible. Miriam’s coaching helped to show me the empowering potential and gifts that lie within each of these little details. She gave me the tools to acknowledge that at the bottom of what seemed to sabotage my daily life was an uncommunicated need for unconditional love and belonging. My process with Miriam brought me closer to unconditional self-love and belonging, and gave me the power to express myself more freely in my research and personal relationships. I am deeply grateful for the care and attention Miriam gave me, making me feel safe to undertake this journey within myself.” – Noor Jdid, PhD Student, Oslo and Copenhagen