women´s circles


learning and growing TOGETHER

Women´s exploration circles are for women who are ready to engage in a structured, co-creative learning experience with an intimate group of other women. 

In each group we explore a specific theme as an entry point to work with our own lives and learn from each other. The focus is not on taking in teachings from outside, as much as on engaging with ideas and questions with our own knowing and unique perspectives. The intention is to support everyone to trust, access and activate their own wisdom and contribution. As a facilitator, I offer tools and resources, but most importantly, hold the space and create a structure for everyone to participate on equal terms so we can all learn from each other. The group works as a mastermind - we each tap into the intelligence of the larger whole, in each other and in ourselves.

When we share our experience it naturally moves us forward. I find that so many women struggle in isolation with issues that are collective. By coming together and sharing our experiences and witnessing each other in a safe space, many of our challenges are normalized and fall away. Which creates new space and movement. 



Each group consist of 5-8 women. We meet for 2 hours every other week for a period of 6-8 weeks. The meetings are online, using zoom, a video platform where we can each see each other live. If you´re unfamiliar with zoom, it´s a great and intimate way of gathering, enabling us to come together across geographical distance and meet each other from wherever we are. 

In between meetings you receive e-mails with questions, exercises and reflections, to deepen the exploration. At the next meeting we bring back to the group what we have discovered. The process is emergent, and we work with the themes that grow out of and resonate in the group. 



If you are interested in joining or curious to learn more, please contact me to get information about the next group offering. 

If you want to bring this format to your work place or women´s network, or if you are a group of women who would like to do this together, I also offer on demand custom designed online or in-person circles. Please contact me for more information.