Miriam Sandbaek


Are you engaged in the world and want to bring forth your contributions?

Do you want more trust and confidence in who you are and what you have to offer?

Do you feel a need for deeper connection with yourself and others?

I work with people who want to connect with their inner guidance, inspiration and confidence, so they can be happier in their personal life and more powerful in their work and contribution.

I offer coaching, consulting and mentoring, and facilitate groups, workshops and nature explorations.

Whether the focus is on your personal life, or on career and work projects, I guide you to explore and create from a place of openness, trust and possibility.

Read below about different ways of working with me.



Do you need support in navigating a personal issue or transition, or do you want to step forward into new possibilities in your work and leadership? Are you ready to move past your inner barriers and access more of what´s available to you? I offer individually designed coaching and support you to work creatively with your life and the opportunities it is presenting to you. 



I provide professional consulting to leaders, teams and organizations. The focus of my work is to support socially engaged, creative and innovative people to be successful in bringing their projects and ideas out into the world. I offer mentoring, leadership coaching, and facilitate workshops and group conversations to help create the changes and results you are seeking. 



Women´s exploration circles are for women who are ready to engage in a structured, co-creative learning experience with an intimate group of other women. In each group we explore a specific theme as an entry point to work with our own lives and learn from each other. The focus is on activating our own inner knowing and authority, and the group works as a mastermind, we each tap into the intelligence of the larger whole, in each other and in ourselves.  


For many of us, nature already offers a space to relax, clear the mind and reconnect. Nature can also be a powerful teacher and mirror for us, when we pay attention and listen. I offer guided day-walks and nature-based coaching and mentoring for individuals and groups. By working with nature in intentional ways, we reconnect with ourselves and our inner guidance. 


“Working with Miriam has been a life altering experience. I do not exaggerate when I say Miriam helped to connect me to a profound inner-joy. The effect of the work we have done together has not only bolstered my self-confidence and focus in all areas of life, but also facilitated healing in areas of misunderstanding and pain. Our work together has resulted in my professional and personal path becoming so much clearer, and in learning to trust my intuition. All of this has energized my academic writing and, most importantly, emboldened me to inhabit my dreams in the present.” 

– Christine K., Graduate Student, Toronto and Berkeley

The presence Miriam brought to our work was really unique. She asked the right questions and guided me through exercises which helped me reconnect with myself again. This made me realize what is important and necessary for me in order to live more in line with my heart. I am so grateful for this journey; a process which has given me the new understanding that everything really is possible. Miriam is pleasant, open and warm and she has the tools to help you achieve change in your life“.

– S.H.P., Project Leader, Red Cross, Oslo

“Wow. What an amazing session. You’re a truly gifted coach and guide for the inner realms. I’ve worked with many brilliant coaches and mentors over the years and none has taken me so deeply so quickly to create such a powerful breakthrough. You surely and sensitively guided me into the labyrinth of feelings, beliefs and old stories that were in my way. Your brilliant questioning and spot-on intuitive guidance enabled me to have a huge breakthrough in just one session. I felt that you really saw me, who I am and the value of the work and gifts I long to share with the world. I feel catalysed, energised and awakened to the potential of the life I was born to live. And thank you for keeping me accountable so that I keep taking the next steps! I need that too.”

– Rionach Aiken, Founder of Poetry Alchemy, United Kingdom 



“Our job is not to comprehend or control everything, but to learn which story we are in and which of the many things calling out in the world is calling to us. Our job is to be fully alive in the life we have, to pick up the invisible thread of our own story and follow where it leads.”

- Michael Meade