about me


The people I work with are either seeking support to be more impactful in their work and contribution, or in navigating personal issues and transitions. 

I combine my training and deep interest in personal transformation with an academic background in Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies. I am fascinated by the power we have as individuals to work creatively with our own lives and to influence the world around us.

In my work I also draw on my background and training in meditation, dance, mythology, storytelling, community healing rituals and nature based rites of passage work. 



I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), a leader in the field of professional coaching, and I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

I have an academic background in Social Anthropology and Arabic Language. I received my Master´s degree in Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen in 2007, with a thesis on migration motivations in Morocco.

I have years of working experience as a researcher in an institute for applied social science (www.fafo.no) in Norway. My research has mainly focused on integration policy, the Norwegian Welfare state and migrants and their living conditions in Norway.

Transitioning careers and starting my own business has been a big learning experience and a resource in working with others. Building on my experience from academia, I often work with researchers and Ph.D. students in Norway and abroad. I also work with many artists, as a coach for Talent Norway in their development program for women in film and TV, and in ArtEx, which aims at cultivating artists, on the highest level, in performing arts and film. 



My own life has been a deep exploration of how to move through change. I have been studying and practicing various forms of meditation for the past 20 years, and I am a five rhythms dancer.

In navigating my own life transitions and path, I´ve found guidance and wisdom in learning about initiation, rites of passage and the power of community. I have done a number of trainings and retreats with Michael Meade, Meredith Little, Hector Aristizabal and Joanna Macy, who have been important guides and teachers for me in how to work with the natural cycles of life, and in particular how to trust going into the more difficult places of our lives - and to find the gifts there. These teachings have been invaluable in opening up my own life, and for the ways in which I am able to guide others to move forward in their lives. 



The past few years I have been engaged in studying new understandings of human consciousness, the "we-space" and evolutionary relationships. I am participating in several global co-creative practice- and learning communities, including WisdomWomen and The Evolutionary Collective Global with Patricia Albere. I recently completed Evolving Wisdom´s 9 Month Feminine Power Mastery Program, and an 8 Month Program on Living the New Story with the Findhorn Foundation.

There is a revolution happening in our understanding and awareness of the incredible power and potential we hold as human beings, to change, to heal and to create. I am inspired to learn from and with others more of what is possible, and to facilitate explorations into new possibilities for the people I work with. 



I have a multi-cultural, transnational background and life. I grew up in Norway to a Norwegian mother and Moroccan father. I have lived and studied in Seattle, Copenhagen, Marrakech, Rabat and Damascus and currently live in Oslo, Norway. 



If what you have been reading here resonates with you or you´re curious to learn more, please don´t hesitate to contact me to explore different ways of working or collaborating. You can also read what others are saying about working with me. I hope to hear from you!